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Nrsgateway boasts over 10 years of experience in the industry and we have direct connections with major operators worldwide. We offer the best prices and the most robust connection on the market.

The benefits of NRSGATEWAY. Bulk SMS mailings platform. The benefits of NRSGATEWAY. Bulk SMS mailings platform.

Bulk sending of online SMS messages. SMS Gateway for marketing campaigns using SMS.

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At NrsGateway we strive for excellence and we boast the best professionals to create the most effective communication solutions.
Our unbeatable prices, coverage in more than 180 countries and constant innovation make us the chosen partner for hundreds of companies and institutions to solve their SMS communication needs.
Our main function is to innovate and improve services by making the most of each opportunity that appears in the mobile telecommunications world on a day-to-day basis.


    SMS is the quickest and most direct way of reaching your customers. Send millions of SMS easily, quickly and efficiently.


    Optimise your marketing campaigns with bulk SMS mailings from our SMS Gateway for companies.


    SMPP and HTTP connection APIs for guaranteed bulk mailings. Bulk mailing gateway via our SMS platform.

  • Customised senders

    Customise the sender in your SMS marketing campaigns and optimise open rates.

  • Guaranteed routes

    Guaranteed international routes to optimise the receipt of your mailings. Send bulk SMS around the world with direct routes.

  • SMPP and HTPPS connectivity

    SMPP and HTTP connection APIs for mass mailings integrated into your own web tool or CRM.

  • Industries

    SMS marketing for all companies in the private and public sector: Banks, insurance firms, superstores, retailers, online stores, etc.

  • Customised solutions

    Solutions for large companies, individual and retailers. Market leader in bulk mailings and SMS mobile marketing campaigns all over the world.

Make use of NRSGATEWAY for bulk SMS mailings for companies. SMS Mailings employing the latest technology. Gateway SMS providing direct connections to the world's leading operators at the keenest price.

What are you waiting for?

Our bulk SMS mailing system allows:

Gateway SMS
  • Mailing of personalised SMS to grab the user's attention. The option of personalising a bulk SMS mailing is available in all of our services (Sms Push, SMS Landing page, Text2Speech, Mail2SMS, 2WaySMS).
  • Send SMS LANDING PAGES so that you can channel your SMS advertising and gather statistics on SMS reception, opening and conversion rates...
  • Send Voice SMS . Send your SMS through our system and the person receiving the message gets a voice message from the telephone number shown in our data base. The innovative despatch system allows reception from both mobile phones and landlines.
    Messages can be personalised with any data you have in your data base.
  • Send e-mails as direct SMS to your clients' mobile phones. Our Mail2SMS makes your e-mail marketing campaigns stand out, achieving an opening rate of 97% within the first few minutes of the client receiving the SMS. Take the leap from E-mail Marketing to SMS Marketing.
  • Send bulk SMS mailings with a response option. Our 2waySMS service allows your clients to contact or answer you by sending an SMS to a virtual number.

Our 15-year track record of offering communication solutions has turned us into one of the world's biggest suppliers of bulk SMS mailings.

The best prices without competition
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