Send voice messages:
Convert your text to landline or mobile phone calls

Write your text or upload your audio and we will send your voice message to the customers on your database: fast, cheap and effective.

We offer a powerful and simple tool for your communications. Talk directly to your customers with a human voice, surprise them: reach all the numbers in your database, landlines and mobiles without distinction. Try it totally free and get your audience to listen to you with our most innovative service.

Improve communication with your customers, talking directly with a human voice and face to face.

Text2Speech is a powerful tool for critical communications, for databases with landline numbers and for databases in which the recipient cannot read a message on their device.

    • Critical notifications: The ideal format for making critical notifications. Thanks to the callback service, the recipient will hear the message.
    • Security: Allows recipients who cannot read mailing on the screen of their device (drivers, machine operators, etc.) receive communication.
    • Delivery confirmations
    • Mobiles and landlines: Communicate with landlines and mobiles in a single database.
    • 3 languages available: Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with different accents and possibility to choose type of voice or upload own audio.
    • Scheduling: Allows call times to be scheduled.
    • Surprising: Surprise your recipients by communicating your message with a human voice
    • Fun: Impress your customers with a fun, original and personalised way of receiving your message
    • Perfect for certain niches: The ideal format for recipients who cannot read a text message on their mobile screen or who only give a landline number
Text2speech: Send SMS as voice messages.

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