Our customers will be provided with a website where they can choose the subdomain they want, as well as being able to customise it with their logo, look and feel.

The best tool for managing sales and bulk messaging, offering countless options.
  • Create users

    Create users so they can manage their own mailings.

  • Manage user accounts

    Top up credit, manage statistics, monitor users.

  • Address Book

    It includes the names and phone numbers entered, as well all the fields the customer wants to enter (profession, address, nationality, etc.)

  • Groups

    The address book also can be split into groups, so with just one click you can access groups of contacts. Create as many groups as you need.


    Schedule SMS to be sent on the day and time you want. No need to enter each time, schedule delivery in a very easy way.

  • Real-time statistics

    Track the status of deliveries in real time, both your own and your users' SMS.

The best prices without competition
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