If you want to receive the SMS delivery notification in real time, you have to specify a "dlr-url" with the URL where you want to receive the mailing status.

Operation entails specifying in each http request the URL to make a request from our server when the operator receives a notification. To this end, the customer needs a http server capabpe of receiving these notifications.

Our server will send the variables as the customer wants using the GET method. Therefore, the URL provided must contain the variable name followed by an escape character that will contain the value. Escape character use the character "%" followed by a letter. This is an example of valid URL:

These are the defined scape characters:

The %d value will return the final mailing status. The possible values are:

  • 1 The message has been delivered to the recipient.
  • 2 The message could not be delivered to the recipient.
  • 4 The message has been delivered to the SMSC, this is an intermediate notification, not a final result
  • 16 It was impossible to deliver the message to the final operator

SMS mailing example

To understand this process better, below you can check an example of SMS sending request and another example of the knockledge response you might get.

First we send the sms with the dlr-url variable indicating the URL where we want to receive the delivery notification, and to this URL we add our mailing ID to identify it when we receive it. The final url for notification will be:

Therefore, the final request to send the sms would be:



Assuming that all messages can be delivered, your notify.php will receive three requests with status=1, sender=TEST, idsending=7584 and the corresponding phone number.

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